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List of horror films 2012 recommended watching

Every year, the film industry offers many horror films to different tastes and personal preferences. Sometimes plots of movies are unpredictable and changeable, and the outcome is utterly shocking to the viewer. Here is the list of horror films of 2012 that may interest even most sophisticated tastes and become a matter for watching it some of the boring evenings.


Where did the Aliens come from? So, director Ridley Scott produced a prequel of the history of the brave Ellen Ripley for those who have asked this question over the years. And as it always happens, having answered one problem, he raises new ones and leaves us waiting for the continuation.

Seven below

What do you know about the places where the crimes are committed? You surely know that they rarely become places with positive energy. So, the main hero of the film gets trapped in the area where a 10-year-old Sean killed his mother, father, and his two little sisters 100 years ago.

Truth or Dare

A real film for game lovers! An innocent game ?Truth or Desire? turns into a survival game for five students. After the suicide of one of the students, his brother forces them to play this game but according to the entirely different rules.

The woman in Black

The action takes place not in our days, and it happens at the end of the nineteenth century. The outwardly main character is often compared with a young wizard from Hogwarts. However, his name is Arthur Kipps, and he is a young lawyer from London who came to register the documents. After his arriving in the remote village, he begins to notice strange incidents, connected with the image of the mysterious woman in black, which Arthur saw near the old cemetery…

Insidious: Chapter 2

The film tells us about the continuation of events after the first part. This time, the Lambert family decided to move to their relatives’ home. As it turned out later, they did not walk there alone. Strange and horrifying things are about to happen in their house again.

Collector 2

The movie ?Collector 2? occupies the sixth place in the list of the best horrors films of 2012-2013. An experienced bear hunter Arkin barely managed to get out of the traps, that were carefully placed around the room by mysterious Collector. Arkin could not even think that fate had prepared for him a new meeting with the Collector.

The Haunting in Connecticut 2

Heidi moves with his family to Georgia. From the very beginning, life in a new place did not succeed. Ghosts haunt the girl. Heidi’s parents believed in the paranormal and are trying to figure out the situation.

No One Lives 2012

Ruthless criminals hid two victims in the abandoned house, a young man and a girl. However, after a while, they find the girl dead and suddenly realize that the young man is not as simple as he seemed at first sight. The plot lies in the visualization of how the victim can switch places with a hunter at one moment.  Now he is hunting the criminals, and their chances of survival are 0%. There is also a surprise waiting for them in the car of the main character…