Norton and Avast antiviruses

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The comparison of Norton and Avast antiviruses

Nowadays, you can find a considerable number of anti-virus programs on the Internet. Very often, users are faced with a choice between Norton Internet Security and Avast Free Antivirus.

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For instance, according to the developers, the latest Norton Internet Security is equipped with even better protection than the predecessor of the series. Now every file download from the Internet is immediately followed by a check for harmful infections. In addition to the large virus base, many other ways to detect attacks on the user?s system are provided.

The main advantages of using Norton antivirus

There are several arguments for asserting that Norton is a better program to protect a device:

  •        The high result when checking for the ability to “catch” viruses and malware.
  •        Norton has a good indicator of the use of system resources during operation.
  •        Constant updating of virus databases.
  •        Low level of false positives.
  •        Continuous improvement of the software product and modules
  •        A function of parental control
  •        Simple interface and does not require additional settings and modifications from the user.

In addition to the functions of the anti-virus and anti-malware, Norton Security has:

  •        Built-in firewall (firewall).
  •        Anti-spam features.
  •        Data protection (payment details and other personal data).
  •        System acceleration functions (by optimizing the disk, cleaning unnecessary files and managing programs in autoloading).

What about Avast features?

Nevertheless, Avast Software is also considered to be the most popular antivirus software on the market. A considerable number of users have installed this software on their PCs. The primary criterion for such popularity is the free distribution of the company’s products.

Avast loses the title of a better antivirus program is several positions, including:

  •        Norton is equipped with innovative, proactive technologies
  •        According to the results of testing, Norton deals more quickly with all threats and attacks than Avast. Besides, Avast can miss several viruses stopped by Norton.
  •        Avast does not protect weak points, vulnerabilities, OS errors through which penetration may occur.
  •        Depending on the version, Norton allocates up to 25 GB of cloud storage for backing up data. This is a significant advantage since there is no such function in Avast.
  •        The main power of Avast Antivirus is that it is free.

In contrast, Avast antivirus 7 has brought its users more new products: a redesigned interface (more contrasting colors and smooth transitions), the “cloud protection” function, remote assistant, extended functionality of the automatic sandbox and web reputation services. If a suspicious file is detected, the program sends a request to the ?cloud? and checks its reputation. It helps to make the right decision concerning the particular file.

Norton Internet Security surpasses the free Avast in the set of its capabilities, such as checking of private messages, the function of protection against children and hackers, that may be indispensable. On the other hand, the Avast program monitors network threats, and the sandbox mode provides an opportunity to decide what to do with suspicious sites.

It can also be noted that some functions of Avast Free Antivirus practically does not differ from Norton Internet Security.