Best Apple TV apps and games

So you have hooked up your new Apple TV and downloaded several apple tv app and games already. They look great on the big screen in your home. But since they are on the largest screen in your home, you can also take full advantage of this as many people as possible.

The Best Apple TV Apps

Craft is a note-taking app for Apple platforms that “redefines the entire category” of such services and combines the convenience of simple apps like Apple’s Notes with the power of Notion, according to MacStories. Craft uses the block structure of notes like Notion, and recognizes the command syntax by pressing “/” – this opens a menu with options for formatting text, inserting data, creating subpages, code blocks, and other options.

A third-party client for Apple Music, the developers of which have implemented a full-fledged mini-player with playlist and track switching in widget format for iOS 14, finding a workaround in the API. Initially, the widgets in the system were not interactive and by clicking on them transferred the user to the application. That is why the best Apple apps would be:

  1. Zoom, a video-conferencing application that became very popular during the coronavirus pandemic.
  2. Fantastical calendar for remote work.
  3. Wakeout, in which you can find exercises to perform at home.

The Best Apple TV Games

The best apps should be the ones you use every day, according to reviews, and so on. We don’t understand this thing with the announcement of the best download applications. Well, okay – people downloaded the application, looked at it, and deleted it because it’s about nothing at all. It is another matter if you collect TOP based on reviews.

The “Apple” set-top box replaces several devices at once. Among its functions are the following:

  • a multimedia center where you can watch any of the “apple” devices;
  • access to most iOS applications;
  • work with iTunes;
  • broadcast from phone or PC via AirPlay.

Apple TV can be connected via HDMI cable or Wi-Fi. Preference should be given to the wired version because then the content is transmitted to the monitor at the highest possible speed without lags. Also, if you sync over Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to use iTunes.

The action takes place during the first connection of the Apple TV to the TV. To turn on Siri, just touch its touchpad. If this does not work, you should press the menu button and increase the volume. If this does not help – you need to put the remote control on the console, because the obstacle could be too much distance between them. You can choose any language – it does not have to be the same as the main unit. If during the connection the question arises: “whether to activate Siri”, it should be understood that the system asks for the activation of the voice assistant.

To select a language, you need to make a gesture of swinging the sensor. Then click on the Touch surface when the appropriate option is found. If the wrong language was accidentally chosen, it is corrected by returning it.