How to Keep Your Business Files Protected with Virtual data rooms

A negligent attitude to the security of your company’s confidential data can lead to great losses and ruined reputation, and it will take some time to recover from this. But all of this can be avoided if you know the right tools for storing and sharing documents. One of them is the virtual data room, it provides first-class protection so you can keep your financial, legal, and other data without any risks. In this article, we will explain in more detail how VDR can protect your data.

What makes a virtual data room secure?

Of course, although data rooms are essentially the same, the implementation of these features depends a lot on the provider and the quality of the features built into the program. This includes security certificates, encryption methods, and additional security features. Conscientious providers take these issues very seriously because today data is considered the most valuable resource.

Therefore, investments in security will pay off for companies that constantly work with confidential user information, transactions, and intellectual property. 

With the advent of new opportunities, entrepreneurs have faced new problems that no one has faced before. Digital document security and data leakage prevention is an important modern challenge that can only be handled by specialized programs, and VDR is one of them. Today virtual data rooms are the most reliable method for storing documents and online transactions. 

How exactly does a virtual data room protect your documents?

Any good provider should have a certificate confirming that their VDR meets all security standards, but there are many other features with which VDRs protect your business.

The most valuable features are considered to be: 

  • Data encryption for files and messages – modern encryption methods are great protection against data leakage because they convert all information inside the room into a code that cannot be decrypted without a special key
  • Data backup – virtual data room is an online space that can be accessed from any device, so if your device is infected with malware do not worry about the integrity of your files, they will always be safe
  • Customizable user permissions – the administrator has the right to set different levels of access to the documents. This way you can distribute which files are needed by the management and which can be accessed by the staff
  • The function of viewing the fence – with it, the users can see only a part of the document, and the rest will be hidden
  • Remote Deletion – guarantees the safety of your files if they fall into the wrong hands. You can also use it to simplify the process of deleting files according to data protection rules
  • Document expiration date – when you give temporary access to third parties during a transaction, you can set expiration dates on documents, after which access to the documents will be closed
  • Two-factor Authentication – Protects your login. It wouldn’t be hard for a hacker to find out the password of one of your employees and break into the system, but with two-factor authentication, you’ll need additional information to successfully login
  • Full audit trail – the VDR owner can view any user activity within the program. He can see what document users accessed and how much time they spent there