Hoodie for Small Dogs

Hoodie for Small Dogs

On the streets of cities, we often see how dog owners dress their pets for walks in a wide variety of clothes, for example, small dog hoodies. Psychologists called this phenomenon “humanization of animals” – ascribing to them human needs, for example, in beautiful clothes. But despite this, clothes and shoes are not just a whim of dog owners.

Why does a dog need clothes?

  • For short hair and hairless breeds, so as not to freeze.
  • For adaptation after cutting, when there is a violation of the heat transfer processes in the body.
  • In cold, windy or rainy weather (in some regions this occurs year-round).
  • For protection against dirt, chemicals (especially in winter) and debris.
  • And last but not least, for beauty.

Today there is clothing for dogs for every taste and color: overalls (autumn and winter, with and without sleeves), vests, raincoats, sweaters, T-shirts (with and without a hood), dresses and much more. The choice is huge. Moreover, the clothes are not only fashionable but also as comfortable as possible, made of 100% high-quality cotton. To make your dog feel cozy and comfortable, it is important to choose the right clothes and shoes for him. How to penetrate, what size is needed exactly for your pet? Measure your back, chest, and neck. If in doubt, some manufacturers, such as Puppia and Pinkaholic, accompany their products with a size chart and measurement schemes.

Tips for choosing a hoodie

Before buying, be sure to try on clothes – with us you can always order several sizes and choose the most convenient for your pet when you are a messenger or in the store (for pickup).

How to choose the right clothes and how to put it on your pet?

  • Give preference to clothes that you can easily change. Do not choose a jumpsuit that is worn only over the head, if models with buttons or Velcro are available to you – with them, the process of changing clothes is easier and faster. Remember that the cutouts for the paws should be of sufficient width – so your pet will be more comfortable to move.
  • Few dogs will immediately be happy with a new thing, unless, of course, you have taught it to this before (you can start from 3-4 months). To accustom your pet to clothing should be gradual. For example, instead of shoes, you can first put on socks – so the dog will quickly learn to walk in shoes later on. Every time you put on and take off your clothes, praise the dog or give a treat.

The most obvious contenders for the role of mods are miniature decorative breeds. These include Toy Terrier, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Chinese Crested Dog, Italian Greyhound, and many others. Due to the structural features, they are sensitive to low temperatures. And if you go with them outside in the winter, then only in warm clothes. Remember that you should not make a toy out of it, because the main purpose of the costume is to protect the health of the pet. Let your pet be the most beautiful at any time of the year!