Your Protection: Avast and Windows Defender

Your Protection: Avast and Windows Defender

Hackers are continually coming up with novel ways to interrupt and disrupt your devices especially smartphones and computers, to get access to your data and break your privacy. How will you protect your private data against malware attacks? You require a reliable antivirus security suite to protect your data against evolving digital threats, such as data-stealing Trojans, destructive ransomware, viruses, worms, and more.

Avast General Description

Avast comes up with real-time and on-demand virus scan capabilities. It has email and web protection and a browser plugin which informs you and keep you away from risky links.


The Avast free antivirus package includes a separate secure browser, but it will not launch automatically when you are visiting a banking site. You can check Avast safe price, Avast cleanup free, Avast help, Avast exceptions, Avast game mode on Avast official website. Avast’s user interface is straightforward and easy to operate.


In the case of performance, Avast has seldom disappointed, and the latest AV-tests confirm that the malware detection and protection abilities are still extinguished. Its general false positive rate is challenging to beat, with only Eset, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender performing better. It is light on the system as well: AV-Comparatives concluded that the package was “fast” while installing new apps and running them for the first time, and “high-speed” for everything afterward.

Windows Defender General Description

Windows Defender is straightforward, reliable, and straightforward malware protection software.  Windows Defender is a no-fuss, no-muss way to protect computers. Windows Defender offers many features including Windows Defender browser protection, Windows defender alert, windows defender scan, and many more.

Reliability and security

Windows Defender has been ranked among top 10 antivirus software suites by AV test laboratories in terms of reliability and safety. Windows defender can detect up to 100% of zero-day threats and known malware. The false-positive rate is a bit higher than average. Windows Defender performs a great job in identifying and deleting most cyber threats. The fact is approved by the major independent testing labs.


The tool has the least impact on the performance of system. It is the fundamental part of Windows 10 and Windows 8 operating system, so apparently, it runs as other essential components of system. In most cases, it doesn’t affect the speed of a computer and runs scanning in background unnoticeable.

Ease of Use

Usability is an essential characteristic of any antivirus tool product. In case of using Windows Defender, its UI is simple for everyone who ever operates it with native Microsoft products. It can also be used easily by inexperienced users because Windows Defender comes pre-installed, and its primary features are enabled by default.

Avast and Windows Defender Comparison

Avast receives a high score in virus and malware protection, and detection tests and the results are comparatively better than Windows Defender antivirus software. Let us compare both software

What Avast is good at

  • Additional utility tools and features
  • The Cleaner tool enhance the performance and frees up space for both mobile and computer
  • The cleaner tool frees up space on the system and boosts performance for both PC and mobile.
  • Low impact on the performance of the system
  • Additional protection for mobile
  • Gaming mode for suspending background disk and CPU usage and disabling notifications while a game is running
  • More features including Password manager and home network scanner

What Windows defender is good at

  • The UI is of Windows Defender much more straightforward and easy to operate
  • Windows Defender offer firewall that is unavailable in Avast free version
  • Runs smoothly in the background as compared to Avast
  • Lots of ads pop-ups try to upgrade to other Avast products. Windows Defender gets a plus point in this regard

Windows Defender Actions Recommended

Windows Defender is a half step behind the excellent software at removing malware, but still, it is much upgraded and developed over the past years and us most comfortable to get started with. Windows Defender low impact on system performance is offset by its long scan times and lack of creature comforts, like the ability to schedule scans. Windows Defender is not the most efficient antivirus around, but it is still better as compared to many commercial products. If you want a simple tool, Windows Defender might be the smart choice.

Avast Usage Recommendations

Avast free antivirus is a powerful tool which provides reliable protection to your system. Its lengthy list of compelling features and excellent control is appreciated by experienced users. If you are interested in the reliable free antivirus tool, then Avast is worth a look. Avast free antivirus tool is well-reputed and has been used a long time ago. Overall it is excellent antivirus software. It approximately has everything you would ever want to have from an antivirus tool. We highly recommend Avast free Antivirus it is the only anti-malware program you will need on your PC.

The Bottom Line

Avast comes with robust and advanced features as compared to Windows Defender. Both are free tools. Because of these advanced features, Avast has a significant impact on the performance of your computer.