Best VPN App For Android

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VPNs are the best web surfer security tools which one can have. By having them, you can surf the seedy public WiFi, which is private and secure. Whatever reason is, VPNs are very powerful and the popular tools. By using the VPN app for Android service, you will make sure all of the internet communication is potentially protected and encrypted from prying eyes. Also, you can use it when connected to the servers in various countries. Here is the best VPN app for Android.


It is the most secure, trusted brands in a virtual private network industry, which is the best for this reason. It is very fast and safe, boasting the SSL-secured network using 256-bit encryption, which has unlimited speed and bandwidth. ExpressVPN has the servers in about 94 countries, which include Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and others for over 145 locations all over the world. Therefore, there will be a location always near you that offer you the right experience possible. What is more, its service is known to stealth the servers. They’re to avoid the GFW precisely. It does not even appear like you are using the VPN.


This is the best VPN app for Android, which boasts the no log policy which is loved by many people. The speed is very fast, which maintains the free model, which shows sponsored apps and video ads. There is the premium version too. They are very transparent according to the way they normally make money and also their policies. Betternet is refreshing where its features are very simple with the one-touch interface. It is the better VPN apps which are more coherent that range in prices for different features.

Hideman VPN

Among the best VPN app for Android is Hideman VPN. It cleaned up the premium version since it was launched on the website. It has the free version of 2GB with the speeds of about 512kbit/s. The version of this VPN comes with having no restrictions and also more servers when playing with. They normally have the no logs policy which has the paid subscribers. Also, they delete the logs after every 14 days for the free users. It is not the horrible trade-off. Nevertheless, there are the free options which do not keep logs when you require that option. Essentially, the paid version become the best option.


It is among the larger VPN service, which is available in the market. It essentially boasts more servers which are over 5,000 in 60 and above countries with decent speeds. The NordVPN has the usual array of the VPN goodies, which include the fast connect button for quick and easy VPN access, the strict no log policy, no geo-restrictions, and unlimited bandwidth. You will also extend the service to the VPN extensions on Chrome and Firefox along with the native desktop apps too. You will try its service free for one week. After this, the prices will be little steep when you need to commit to the long term, which saves much money when you pay it yearly.