Youth and Government Chapter

The Youth and Government chapter of HSA is a unique opportunity for families interested in the YMCA Youth and Government program.

Washington State Y & G

The YMCA Youth and Government Program offers students an immersion into the legislative process. This unique leadership program teaches students parliamentary procedure, research, composing legislation, debate, and the fine art of politics. After learning the legislative process, students will participate in district meets and will participate in a four-day Finale trip to Olympia in early May. In Olympia, students will join with students from all across the state to “take over the capital building.” They will sit in the state Senate and House seats, committee rooms, and have their own student governor and major officers. (Assuming the real legislature is done in time!) Here students will conduct their own legislative session, campaign, report, debate and vote on their own bills, and generally have an awesome experience of a lifetime.  Students may choose among a variety of state roles to be, depending on grade level and years in the program.  They can be Reporters, Lobbyists, Pages, Senators, or Representatives. There are also a number of elected positions including Committee Chair, Vice Chair, Cabinet Member, Chaplain, Sergeant of Arms, and Governor, to name a few.

HSA DelegationStudents in this HSA chapter attend weekly meetings in the Normandy Park area on Fridays from September to May. They also attend two District events (one Saturday in January, one in February), and the Annual State Youth Legislature in Olympia (in May). We also schedule several optional activities like: educational field trips, visiting other delegations for debate, community service projects and fun stuff like bowling or laser tag.

All HSA members are welcome to join us for weekly meetings, although participation in the YMCA program is approximately $475/per student, which is paid $75 each month from September to March.  We do fundraising to help with the costs and the YMCA does offer limited scholarships.

Y & G Senate Debate

For more information about Youth and Government, check out the website at Y & G.

If you would like to find out more about our group, please contact us at the email address below.  We will get back with you as soon as we can.

Contact:  Donna King                     Email:

Or reach us by sending an email to

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