Field Trips and Events


HSA is an organization of homeschoolers that pool their resources together to further the education of the public about homeschooling while providing wonderful field trips and events for our members to attend, usually at a reduced price.  We have some wonderful moms and dads who have volunteered to pull together all of these fantastic field trips.  Who knows, maybe you have some great ideas for field trips that you can share with us too!  We have had field trips to the Pacific Science Center, the Paramount Theatre, and the Seattle Children’s Theatre to name just a few.

Science Boy

Once a year we try to have an event for our whole group to attend.  In past years we have been putting on our wonderful Expressions event where our children could showcase a special project they had created.  In addition, there is the All-HSA Picnic at the beginning of the new school year to welcome all of our members to a brand new year of homeshcooling.  We are all about teaching our children about this fantastic world we live in and encouraging them to higher goals.  Check out the different events listed under this tab for some of our latest field trips and events going on.

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Homeschool Picnic


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