My Teen’s First Plane Trip

Pic1This week, my daughter attended a national conference …

It was held in North Carolina, for the National Youth and Government (YAG) College Conference. She went with two other students from our state, of Washington, that she knew from her high school youth and government group.


They got to meet, here …


at the national conference center for the YMCA.

And this was her first solo flight, so I was quite nervous. She, on the other hand, was not at all, and enjoyed every minute of her flight …


I wanted my daughter to have this opportunity, to get a chance to learn more about government and politics. And to have fun! She sent me this photo while in the air!


She participated in the conference, playing the role of a senator. She presented her own mock bill there. It was discussed in committee …


then debated, and voted on in session. She made friends with students from around the country …

and got to be a part of this larger group … meeting kids from different colleges from all over …


Have you heard of Youth and Government, which I fondly call YAG? It is a fantastic middle and high schooler’s program, where teens learn all about state government, hands-on.


They enact the roles of senator and representative in a youth mock legislature each year. It is sponsored by the YMCA, and is available in 34 states around the country.
What a great way to learn about our governmental system! In high school, we kept track of the hours, and it became a half credit, which was added to her homeschool transcript.

My daughter loved being a part of it all. I am so glad that she went, even though it was hard to have her fly across the country!

What fun it was to greet her at the airport, and hear all of her stories … And I am happy to report “that both daughter and mom survived and are doing fine.”

It was an adventure for us both!!
Happy Homeschooling,


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