Curriculum Review of Movie Lit: The Classics go to the Movies!


Step 1: Watch the Movie Together

My daughter is a sophomore this year and she does not like to read. When I started planning this year (last spring), I remembered curriculum someone had told me about several years ago, called Movie Lit. Movie Lit is a well-structured college-prep class that teaches in-depth writing based on classic pieces from literature. The part that makes it fun is that you and your student watch a movie together and discuss it, rather than reading long books.

2reading_assignmentStep 2: Read the Assignment

There are 10 movies on the “required” list (some titles include: Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, and Moby Dick by Herman Melville) and then 14 additional titles from which you and your student select six, and a final two-week project at the end of the course. The full list is available on the website (


3collaborating_with_MomStep 3: Collaborate with Mom or Dad, whoever watched the movie with you

What I really like about this curriculum is that there are four sections for your student to complete for each movie. The first section includes multiple choice and short answer, and the next three sections have short and long essays questions. After your students watches a pair of movies, there is an essay question that requires them to compare and contrast two movies. My daughter’s writing has significantly improved with this curriculum, and she’s even enjoying some of the movies!


Step 4: Type the essays and turn them in!

Where do the movies come from? The library, Amazon Prime, or purchase. We’ve found all but one for free. There is enough material that you could extend the course for two years if you wanted to. (And the pricing is reasonable: Student Handbook, $25; Teacher’s Handbook, $40)

I know naysayers will comment that watching movies is not the same as reading fine literature. I agree. But as a homeschool mom, it’s up to me to choose what works for my daughter. She is being exposed to the same stories, characters, and settings…just in a different format.

This curriculum review was written and submitted by Kelly Malleck. Kelly is a homeschool mom to two daughters and has been homeschooling for eight years. Visit her blog for more articles here:

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